We invite you to discover our portfolio, which demonstrates our passion and engagement in the sustainable development of energy solutions. Our company specialises in renewable energy. We are driven by innovation and committed to building a balanced environment for the future.

Photovoltaic projects

From small rooftop installations to extensive photovoltaic farms, our photovoltaic projects are the foundation of our business. We present the diversity of our projects, showcasing their scale, efficiency and positive environmental impact.

Wind power plants

Our wind turbines are the icons of our renewable energy mission. We operate both onshore and offshore, harnessing the potential of wind to produce clean electricity. We present our latest projects and achievements in this field.

Innovative energy storage solutions

We are constantly driving to develop efficient energy storage systems that can balance the fluctuations of renewable energy generation. Our innovative solutions include lithium batteries as well as advanced hydrogen storage technologies. We present our latest research and projects in this area.

Research and development projects

We are involved in continuous development and innovation in the area of renewable energy. Our R&D projects concentrate on searching for new technologies, optimising processes and increasing the efficiency of our solutions. We present our latest research initiatives and their potential benefits for the society and the environment.

580 kWp


285 kWp


106 kWp


74 kWp


90 kWp


16,8 kWp


16 kWp


12,3 kWp


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